General Rules:

* All IVAO Rules and Regulations must be followed.
* All legs must be flown online with real weather in real time.
* Legs must be flown in real time mode.
No accelerated mode allowed.
* A maximum disconnection time of 20 minutes will be accepted.
* Flight plan must be correctly filled in otherwise, leg will be rejected.
* Pay attention to flight rules, equipment, ICAO codes, flight routes, etc.
* Maximum of two legs per day can be flown in the given order,
* Completed legs must be reported in the Tours System.
Pay attention to fill in the correct date and times in UTC.
* Log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data.
A leg will be rejected if you do not comply with this.
* Check that you have the latest sceneries installed before the flight.
Free sceneries are available for Slovenia and they are mandatory to use due to many upgrades on the ground.

Tour Restrictions:

* Legs must be flown with Slovenian Air Traffic Control online.
Trainings are announced for future and only announced trainings will be accepted in system.
* This tour is for training the controllers, be careful when planning your route and choose the correct alternate airport. Also you need to use the right and correct phraseology.
Due wrong route, leg will not be accepted.
* Allowed aircrafts will be announced and they will differ from airport to airport where training is placed and from difficulty of the training. There are also military training aircrafts allowed and military as also civil helicopters.
* Supersonic aircraft are not allowed.
* Maximum speed is Mach 0.85 and Maximum level FL410.
In remark section of your flight plan you need to include: RMK/ATC TRAINING
* Awards:
– Pilot Support: Bronze (minimum 10 points)
– Pilot Support: Silver (minimum 20 points)
– Pilot Support: Gold (minimum 40 points)
– Pilot Support: Platinum (minimum 60 points)
– Pilot Support: Diamond (minimum 80 points)