Slovenian Police Air Support unit aim is to protect life and property of citizens and provide public security

Unit was founded in 1967 when first helicopter Augusta Bell AB47 / J-2A was bought. This was one-piston engine, three-seated helicopter. The helicopter was withdrawn from operational use in spring of 1984 and is now stored at Police Air Support Unit base at Ljubljana Brnik Airport. Currently unit have six operational helicopters. The main base of  the unit is at Ljubljana – Brnik Airport LJLJ (Police Hangar) but one helicopter is daily on duty also at Maribor Airport LJMB for S.A.R & HEMS operation purposes.

The main tasks of the unit are:

  • police operational tasks (road traffic and state borders control, events protecting, …);
  • humanitarian tasks (help in natural, humanitarian and technological disasters, …);
  • search and rescue tasks (S.A.R & HEMS operation, transport of infants in the incubator, …),
  • tasks within their own activities (cargo transportation, filming and tarrain scanning, …),
  • trainings (for pilots, crew and others persons involved in helicopter operations).

Fleet - Helicopters

Air Support Unit currently have 6 operational helicopters:

  • Agusta Bell AB-212 – S5-HPB
  • Agusta Bell AB-412 – S5-HPA
  • Agusta Bell AB-206 Jet Ranger – S5-HPD
  • Agusta Bell AB-206 Jet Ranger – S5-HPE
  • Agusta A-109E Power – S5-HPG
  • Eurocopter EC-135 P2 – S5-HPH