Slovenian Air Force and Air Defense aim is securing sovereignty of the air space of the Republic of Slovenia and providing air support to other services in implementation of their tasks in joint operations. Its main tasks are:

  • Inspection and control of the air space security
  • Providing help in natural, humanitarian and technological disasters
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Taking part in international missions and operations

Since Slovenia does not have the air capabilities to police its airspace in accordance with NATO standards, nor does it plan to develop such capabilities these task are performed alternately by the Italian and Hungarian Air Forces under NATO command.


151st Rotary Wing Squadron

    • Bell 412 (Call sign: H231,H232….H238)
    • Eurocopter AS532 Cougar (Callsign: COUGAR1….COUGAR4)

152nd Fixed Wing Squadron

    • LET L-410 (Call sign: LSV401)
    • Pilatus PC-6 (Call sign: L601,L603)
    • Falcon 2000 EX (Call sign: LSV101)

107th Air Base and Flight School

    • Pilatus PC-9 (Call sign: REX**)
    • Zlin Z-143 (Call sign: WOLF**)
    • Zlin Z-242 (Call sign: PUMA**)
    • Bell 206 (Call sign: RANGR**)