LegDepartureArrivalDistanceETEMax SpeedMax AltitudeNotesDocumentsRequired Stops
1LJLJLJLJ000:00150 KIAS10500Helicopter search and rescue mission in Julian Alps. Transport of injured person to UKC LjubljanaDocumentsLJHL
2LJLJEDDT38300:59MACH 0.80FL410President TransportDocuments 
3EDDTLJLJ38300:59MACH 0.80FL410President TransportDocuments 
4LJPZLJLJ5700:22150 KIAS10500Police helicopter coast and then highway observationDocuments 
5LJMBLJMB4600:18150 KIAS10500Hospital helicopter flight from Maribor to Slovenj Gradec and backDocumentsLJSG
6LJCELJCE9600:14MACH 0.80FL410PC-9 military training. LJCE-CN-VALLU-continue IFR/VALLU-VALLU4L-LJLJ/TNG-continue VFR-S3-S2-TREBNJE-CW-LJCEDocumentsLJLJ
7LJLJLJLJ000:00150 KIAS10500Helicopter transport of incubator to Bovec LJBODocumentsLJBO
8LJLJLKMT25400:39MACH 0.80FL410Military transportDocuments 
9LKMTLJLJ25400:39MACH 0.80FL410Military transportDocuments 
10LJCELJBL6200:09MACH 0.80FL410PC-6 parachute training. LJCE-LJLJ/taking up the parachuters-LJBL/dropping the parachuters at approximatelly 3000ft AGL-LJBL/Stop and go for taking back up parachuters and then again dropping them over LJBL at approximatelly 3000ft AGL, make this cycle for 5 times and then land at LJBLDocumentsLJLJ
11LJCELJCE000:00150 KIAS10500Helicopter military transport of ground forces from Cerklje Air Base to Postojna airport, for excercises at Pocek.DocumentsLJPO
12LJLJEDNY22000:33MACH 0.80FL410Hospital transplant flightDocuments 
13EDNYLJLJ22000:33MACH 0.80FL410Hospital transplant flightDocuments 
14LJCELJLJ14100:56MACH 0.80FL410PC-9 military training. LJCE-TA2-LJPO/low approach-LJPZ/TNG-LJLJ. TA2 – military training areaDocumentsLJPZ
15LJCELJCE5300:08MACH 0.80FL410Small military training aircraft Zlin-242 training. LJCE-LJMB/TNG-LJLJ/TNG-LJCEDocumentsLJMB
Total Distance: 2169    Total Estimated Time: 6:29

General Rules:

* All IVAO Rules and Regulations must be followed.
* All legs must be flown online with real weather in real time.
* Legs must be flown in real time mode.
No accelerated mode allowed.
* A maximum disconnection time of 20 minutes will be accepted.
* Flight plan must be correctly filled in otherwise, leg will be rejected.
* Pay attention to flight rules, equipment, ICAO codes, flight routes, etc.
* Maximum of two legs per day can be flown in the given order,
* Completed legs must be reported in the Tours System.
Pay attention to fill in the correct date and times in UTC.
* Log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data.
A leg will be rejected if you do not comply with this.
* Check that you have the latest sceneries installed before the flight.
Free sceneries are available for Slovenia and they are mandatory to use due to many upgrades on the ground.

Tour Restrictions:

* Legs must be flown with Slovenian Air Traffic Service online.
Maximum of six legs can be flown without Slovenian ATS.
* This is special operation tour, be careful when planning your route and choose the correct alternate airport. Due wrong route, leg will not be accepted – check with IFPS.
* Allowed are military aircrafts and helicopters. For transport missions only military transport aircrafts or helicopters can be used. For rescue missions military transport helicopter can be used. For military training mission only military training aircrafts can be used. Aircrafts like Pilatus PC-9, PC-21, PC-6, T6 Texan, AB412, AB212, EC135Military armed helicopters and any kind of fixed winged aircrafts are not allowed.
* Combat military jet-engined aircraft are not allowed.
* Maximum speed is Mach 0.85 and Maximum level FL410.
* Tour closes on December 31, 2020.
* Tour remark is not needed
* On individual leg there is information of the individual mission provided. There is also route and information of the aircraft type you need or suits the best.