LegDepartureArrivalDistanceETEMax SpeedMax AltitudeNotesDocumentsRequired Stops
1LJAJLJMB8200:19250 KIASFL245Departure out of the Ajdovscina, where Edvard Rusjan, the pioneer of aircraft makers in Slovenia, performed his first flight in 1909. Continue the flight to Maribor where the first airfield at Maribor Tezno was established and first spy-airplane of Austrian Air Forces landed in 1913. Land at LJMB Maribor International airport. / Possible aircrafts are all firsts produced aircrafts from following producers or similar Fokker, Curtiss, Albatros, Junkers… In the production range from 1910-1920.N/A 
2LJMBLJDI8400:20250 KIASFL245Departure from LJMB Maribor international airport as from oldest Maribor Tezno airfield and continue the flight to Divaca. The Divaca airport was built in 1917 and it was used as a bomber base during World War I for Isonzo front. After that, the airport was owned by Italian authorities and until 1942 the Italian Army was using it. / Possible aircrafts are the same as in leg 1 in production range from 1910-1920N/A 
3LJDILJCE6500:15250 KIASFL245Departure out of Divaca airfield where military war planes were based. Flight is continued towards Cerklje ob Krki, but a touch and go can also be performed at Novo Mesto-Prečna airfield as this airfield was primary as a military airport until the grass runway was made at LJCE Cerklje Airport for military pourposes. The first Slovenian Air Force flight was done in 1919 and the new grass runway at LJCE was made in the early 1930s. Land at LJCE civil part of airport. / Possble aircrafts are the one in the leg 2 and all produced in the production range from 1910-1920.N/A 
4LJCELJBL6200:14250 KIASFL245Departure from LJCE Cerklje airport via Ljubljana city, where you will make a touch and go or just overfly the old Ljubljana Polje airfield ///the link for the airport scenery is by the documents for FSX and P3D users-this is beta phase of scenery///, which was the only airport near Ljubljana at the time being. The Ljubljana Polje airfield was opened from 1933 till 1963 when new Ljubljana international airport was built. After Ljubljana city continue to Lesce-Bled airport where there was another airport for military pourposes in World War I. In 1947 there was also the republic gliding center established to explore soaring in the mountains. / Possible aircrafts are from leg 3 and all other airplanes produced in the production range from 1920-1950 like DC3, Convair340, Curtiss C46…Documents 
5LJBLLDZA8700:20250 KIASFL245Departure from LJBL, Lesce-Bled airfield was at the year 1957 after acting as a international airport until Ljubljana airport was built. There was also a direct route from Belgrade operated by JAT Yugoslav Airlines with DC-3 airliner. Continue the flight to Croatia and land at the LDZA Zagreb international airport, where Adria Aviopromet was found in 1961. Adria Aviopromet bought two DC-6B airplanes and operated various routes throught former Yugoslavia. The main base was in Zagreb but not for long time, as the new Ljubljana airport was opened two years after company was found and then Adria Aviopromet base was transfered to LJLJ Ljubljana airport. / Possible aircraafts are the one from all previous legs or all airplanes produced in the production range from 1920-1950.N/A 
6LDZALJLJ7300:17250 KIASFL245Flight from LDZA Zagreb international Airport to LJLJ Ljubljana International Airport as you need to transfer Adria Aviopromet planes to Ljubljana from Zagreb as the new airport in Ljubljana is opened in 1963. With the opening of the new airport in Ljubljana, few things changed, first of all Ljubljana Polje airfield was then used just for general aviation traffic and Lesce-Bled airport was downgraded of being international airport. And also as you are transfering planes from Zagreb to Ljubljana, Adria Aviopromet is transfering its base to Ljubljana. / Possible aircrafts are the one from previous legs or the one produced in production range from 1940-1960 and are propeller driven, like DC4, DC6, Fokker F27, Lockheed L-188 Electra, Lockheed L.1649…N/A 
7LJLJLJLJ000:00MACH 0.80FL410At this leg you will perform a flight with departure and arrival in LJLJ Ljubljana, but you will make a touch and go at LJPZ Portoroz airport. Portoroz airport opened in 1962 a year before Ljubljana airport, make a VFR flight from LJLJ via Ljubljana city and VFR routes to LJPZ for touch and go and come back to LJLJ. This flight is also in memoriam to all the victims in the biggest crash in Slovenia in 1966. Where Bristol 105 aircraft operated a flight for Britannie Airways and crashed on approach due to low height few kilometres before runway started. The altimeter was set incorrectly and crew was reading it 100ft higher like the plane really was. / Possible aircrafts are one from general aviation in production range till 1960 and keep in mind that LJPZ Portoroz airport has a runway with 1200 meters and cant handle heavy traffic.N/ALJPZ
8LJLJLYBE26000:40MACH 0.80FL410On this leg you will be performing Adria Aviopromet first regular flight, which was operated from Ljubljana to Belgrade in 1969. But Adria Aviopromet also operated different charter flights from former Yugoslavia apart from regular flights. The fleet was old at the time with four DC-6B planes but the company wanted to modernize and at that time they put an order for few DC-9 planes, which were much more faster than ageing propeller driven DC-6Bs. / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs and all airplanes produced in the production range from 1960-1970 like DC-6, DC-8, DC-9, Boeing 727, BAC 1-11…N/A 
9LYBELJMB21800:33MACH 0.80FL410Flight from Belgrade to Maribor, operating as the first international flight to Maribor as airport opened for international flights in 1976. Flights were established by Jat Airways few times a week. With the opening in 1976 Maribor Airport had two runways, one asphalt and one grass with a brand new terminal. / Possible aircrafts are the one from previous legs or the one produced in he production range from 1970-1980 like DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, Airbus A300, Boeing 737 Classics…N/A 
10LJMBLJLJ5300:08MACH 0.80FL410Flight from Maribor to Ljubljana, where from year 1975 after things were improving as the new passenger and cargo terminal was built and there was complete reconstruction of the runway and in early 1980 there were intercontinental flights established to New York. / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs.N/A 
11LJLJLFKJ35400:54MACH 0.80FL410On this leg you will be performing Inex-Adria Aviopromet in memoriam flight to all the victims of the biggest airplane crash where Slovenian company and aircraft was involved in late 1981. The crash was at Ajjaco airport where MD-80 aircraft crashed in the nearest mountain San Pietro on approach to Ajjaco. At the time of the crash there was limited visibility and great fog. / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs.N/A 
12LFKJLJLJ35400:54MACH 0.80FL410On this leg you will perform a flight back to Ljubljana and at this time you will also celebrate a milestone for the first ever delivered Airbus A320 aircraft with IAE engines to Adria Aviopromet. / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs or the one produced in the production range from 1980-1990 like Airbus A320, ATR 42/72, Bombardier Dash 8…N/A 
13LJLJLOWK2500:03MACH 0.80FL410Now we are in the start of 1990s where a referendum on the independence of Slovenia was held and former Yugoslavia began to break up. The independance of Slovenia was declared in June 1991 and following that a war started in the northern Balkans. You will transport your aircraft to nearest airport which is Klagenfurt and wait there the war to be over. Some general aviation and Adria Aviopromet aircrafts were also secured at LOWK but not all. In the meantime former Yugoslav Air Forrce attacked the Ljubljana International airport and damaged few buildings, hangars and airplanes. / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs.N/A 
14LOWKLJMB2500:08MACH 0.80FL410In 1991 also new company was found named Solinair which operated different cargo flights and in June 1992 the Air Force Unit of the Slovenian Army was renamed into 15 Brigada Vojaskega Letalstva. The 15 Brigada was divided into two squadrons, one fixed-wing and one helicopter squadron, flying from two bases, Brnik airport and Cerklje ob Krki. Later in 2004 the 15 Brigada was officially disbanded. In its place three new units were formed. / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs.N/A 
15LJMBLJLJ5300:08MACH 0.80FL410At the time from 2000s after Slovenia experienced few smaller events. At LJLJ airport there was construction of new apron and termial in 2007 and goverment also announced the new name of the airport as Airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana. From 2008 time LJLJ experienced just better times and growth in the figures and also in the meantime new private jet company was found at LJLJ named Aero4M. In 2007 and 2008 there were also good times for LJMB Maribor airport where there were some regular flights and also LJMB airport was renamed. Renaming was after our biggest aviator on our land Edvard Rusjan. After 2008 Maribor airport experienced also a new terminal and few regular flights. Later in 2019 construction work on extending the terminal has begun at Ljubljana airport and unfortunately the biggest former national airline Adria, which was privatised by 4K Invest in 2016, ceased all operations, in late September 2019, as it became insolvent / Possible aircrafts are all from previous legs and in production range from 1990s after.N/A 
Total Distance: 1795    Total Estimated Time: 5:13

General Rules:

* All IVAO Rules and Regulations must be followed.
* All legs must be flown online with real weather in real time.
* Legs must be flown in real time mode.
No accelerated mode allowed.
* A maximum disconnection time of 20 minutes will be accepted.
* Flight plan must be correctly filled in otherwise, leg will be rejected.
* Pay attention to flight rules, equipment, ICAO codes, flight routes, etc.
* Maximum of two legs per day can be flown in the given order,
* Completed legs must be reported in the Tours System.
Pay attention to fill in the correct date and times in UTC.
* Log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data.
A leg will be rejected if you do not comply with this.
* Check that you have the latest sceneries installed before the flight.
Free sceneries are available for Slovenia and they are mandatory to use due to many upgrades on the ground.

Tour restrictions:

* Legs must be flown with Slovenian Air Traffic Service online.
Maximum of six legs can be flown without Slovenian ATS.
* This is special historical tour, be careful when planning your route and choose the correct alternate airport.
Due wrong route, leg will not be accepted – check with IFPS.
* Allowed aircrafts are listed at the leg description!
* Military, fighter or supersonic aircraft are not allowed.
* Maximum speed and altitude are published by the legs.
* Tour closes on December 31, 2020.